2010 How I was Able to Hear the Desteni Message

The mess we made of this reality

Many points I was able to see / hear within the Desteni message of equality and oneness – I’ll share here a few.

Most importantly I could hear / see the solution of self honesty as freedom from the mind for all within the Desteni tools to (become) earth self:

"I am like the grass"

Living in self honesty equal and one as all here in the physical

Application of self forgiveness when and as a thought, feeling and / or emotion of the mind comes up in order to immediately stop participating in the mind and therefore stopping to feed the mindsystem

Focussing on every breath here, to be able to stay here as breath and to realise that all which is real is you here in every moment of breath – that whatever goes around through your head as the the mind is not real

Writing because in writing you assist you through seeing yourself straight in front of yourself in words and through applying self forgiveness on emotions, feelings, thoughts and  / or memories whilst writing

The fact that ‘they’ (Desteni) study and research all fields of ‘life’ got my attention as I had done myself autodidactly – here on Earth so-to-speak. I did not want to follow the university method of ‘divergence into separate areas ‘ like it did 2000 years ago as I called it and taking ‘one course’- I wanted the ‘broad spectrum of things’. I realised we could be much more then we allow ourselves to be – the exact same things (‘human potential’ and ‘substance’ to realise) they say at Desteni. So – I never heard anyone say the same things I had discovered so hey  …w a y c o o l. What they had found interdimensionally is consistent with what I had seen here. The things about heaven I had no clue of allthough I had realised myself that Heaven would stand for the head of men yes, but not that ‘life on Earth’ was in such a way directed by (the inequality) in the heavens where these manifestations came from.  I learned all of this through the information shared from afterlife at Desteni’s portal interviews. I had read about the ‘higher’ and  ‘lower’ regions above and I understood that christians would take satan as ‘lower’ which I regarded as equal for that I was not thanked for that so-to-say. I got a lot resistance of people for speaking such a ‘brutality’. I am only just recently a little bit comfortable with myself having myself suppressed so extensively within shutting up speaking on matters that matter. It’s like where my folks said: “Sylvie leave it, people do not know better – let them think – do not stir things up / create panic”. Yes that’s how we keep the lid on it hey so all the world can all explode..

Thus – the Desteni message is not an easy ‘good news’ message to devour as it goes into the deep ‘dark and ugly’ core of our human mind i.e the cause of why we can’t co-exist withing loving our neighbour as ourselves . I found it revealing as what it and has been happening. Because I didn’t easily shy away from the dark from a fairly young age – trying to literally find my way in the dark, wanting “to be able to see in the dark / understand existence of things here on Earth” – I  was able to hear the Desteni message. I had asked myself ‘how’ wandering Earth must have been for us people over the past millions of years and how we had not come to live here in freedom sharing all and everything together – although this planet has had allways provided all we need to live. We can’t apparently live with ourselves and stand alone as one and equal as all. Instead we allow and accept killing life to defend thoughts we are programmed with. I had for example researched ‘slavery and freedom’ from the age of eight through stepping in other nations / races’ shoes – from how / why the indian people had been put in reservations (I was in Canada at age 11 and was appalled by that reality), why black people had to labour for the white elite (I had a Michael Jackson scrap-book in my teens about his decendants plantation stories), how come people become societal slaves (believing politics / system), why we qwarrel, the why of the cruel slaughtering of eachother / genocides to the how come the desert is a desert – I was surely susceptible for solutions to stop the atrocities of mankind as offered by the Desteni group of people.

So – within the Desteni material the History of Mankind series, the Creation of us human beings by Anu and his friends (‘the elite’ in this manifested world being the representatives thereof) and the existence of the White Light were HUGE eye-openers to me as in the realisation of the ‘plantation’ of the mind consciousness system into the human physical body to enslave mankind to his pre-programmed system designs. The human mind self-destructing (scourge) nature designed on purpose!

I’ve like often had this feeling of “being / walking in my own movie” and unable to step out into the ‘here’. Always reoccuring things – knowing that what I saw was not what I saw, but perception – holographic projected reality it’s called I learned from Desteni (that made sense). I told nobody though – that I had unlearned quickly cause that was perceived as ‘negative / depressed talk’ – I had to make fun was me led to believe and not so much make a fuss on how poeple are living here in abominable states while others can wallow in wealth (I am now able to forgive myself my fussiness, cause it don’t change the world if I don’t change:).  Anuway – that I came to understand how it then is that we people don’t wanna see reality through the coloring of the mind consciousness which lead us into separation from here and eachother. So – I had held myself up within the darkness – I was cool with that. Litterally coming down to getting involved in my having a predilection for the obscure world as oppostite of the “light people” ( as a counteract / balancing act). In my mind that was what I thought was the purpose of Jesus’ words: to land / descend. The fact is much much simpler – simply breathing here as equal and one as all.

Because I heard it is as the Jesus’ message as I had understood it from when I was a child. To love your neighbour as yourself. To be able to stand in the shoes of others. Equality I had defined for myself as “I see no differences between myself and others – I can make them up though but I won’t or I stop them”. The “Search for the differences”-image* was one I took with me from my teens as a means to state to not search for the differences instead seeing the likeness within and without all. And “I am able to see all the character traits / behaviouristic properties of people within myself” – but how do we change? These were my standing points throughout my life(s) – which assisted and supported me to be able to stand up when and as I had fallen into the mind / self denial. Here to eradicate my mind I apply myself within the tools within stopping myself as the world to become Earth self.

Desteni proved mathematically how we are responsible for this world state through our allowances and acceptances. For instance how we increase poverty through participating in “positive thoughts”.

Within the (dutch) Desteni material I thus read ‘Self honesty’ – immediately yes that’s it – that’s common sense as freedom for all. Freeing self from self-dishonesty. Everything being here as myself was not new to me – nevertheless I had tossed it away on the way when it got touchy for my ego within groups that were formed around ideas / concepts. I also realised that all the projections I allowed to be tossed at me were from the starting point of self dishonesty. Our core being exist in and as self dishonesty.

To not having to think to live here I realised when I was about eighteen but I wasn’t gonna tell that to anyone cause of the fear of being locked up – which was by the way a fear that was always kind of lurking ‘in the background’.  So – when I read for instance Bernard Poolmans’s biography and articles about “thinking is the disease” – that cleared my mind extensively. I was sort of looking for a group of people that were – now I know the words – are wanting to face reality for starters. That had been bothering me – I had been opening up about essential things to sort out like where do these emotions come from within growing up in families for instance, to get “the undermost stone up” and then was shot with projections / harm – I shut as a egoreaction. I couldn’t fully grasp what then happened – I only understood that I / we are all mirroring eachother in this projected reality.  Break the mirror – stop this matrix! I liked working with words – see within words – ‘e motion’ = ‘out moving’. At Desteni I became to learn that we are programmed with words.  Hence – the Desteni I process is an extensive reprogramming course to align self with all that is here in the physical within stopping the mind as the world system.

 “Search for the differences”-image*

Within four months I had read threequarter of the articles. Reading all day (alternating doing chores) – really fast. With no mind – just taking in common sense –  as with Sunette as the interdimensional portal hearing plain clear cut the crap living words (instead of the programmed words / thoughts we speak). I was aware of the mind playing tricks with what ‘I see’. Also Matti Freeman’s Equality song blew my mind away – where had I been, what have I allowed, what have I accepted – I’ve been sitting under a rock (dutch saying). Because I didn’t speak up of what I realised all along when people were gossiping or uttering thoughts I could not stand up because I was not steadfast / sure. And I was not allowed to speak when I was not sure was my programming originally – so that bit from all sides. Therefore the tools as above in the toolbox were common sense solutions to me /all.

All immense misinterpretations that we made about Jesus / God / religion / spirituality / energy etc. are being revealed by the Desteni articles, videos, blogs and vlogs through which I was able to release a lot of ‘discomfort’. Still I am getting overwhelmed with gratitude for the work they’ve done in the past ten / twenty years for humanity as a whole. O yes, the message of inversion – that all was inverted – I found so cool also cause that proved what I had noticed within myself independantly – in 2006/ 2007.

The message / tool of Self Forgiveness – forgiving myself for what I had allowed and accepted within this world as within myself. To clear our temple and past time line. That I could hear / see immediately as common sense to free myself from what I was experiencing within myself. In 2008 I came to the realisation “This is not me – what I am feeling / experiencing is NOT me”! Take a look at the word “thought” – it’s past tense – so within thoughts we live in the past! Get here, get real, get physical.

Then the message / tool of Equal Money to realise a quantum change – phenomenal! Within my own ‘life’: for the past 15 years I live with another being for the purpose of sharing money because of a ‘carreer’ change (out of the profit sector) after which I didn’t go back into the matrix system. I had my own little practice which did not provide enough to live of and did not want to do it for profit sake – therefore I sticked to a male with income. Not surprisingly I am into realising Basic Income Guarantee here in the Netherlands as it would mean so much freedom for women and of course people in general (mostly people are not aware they are not ‘free’ within the current worldsystem).

The ‘system’ was beaten into the partner I live with and me – with ‘full force’ –  i.e. we functioned as a ‘lightning conductors’ for our fathers build up energy – so we have experienced physically what this system here on Earth entails and it won’t surprise you that we want to stop this machine called life. The system is beaten into everyone for that matter – only placed within words one does / can not become aware of it easily. What we ‘learned’ as kids: there is something terribly ‘wrong’ here. Therefore I am in process to remove all my sub-, un- and consciouss copied (self) abuse to become functional human beings within equality and oneness of and as the Breath of Life.

Humanity reborn within living in agreements as self honesty. Self honesty — to a save community.