My first introduction of self-forgiveness

  • What my initial reaction/experience was towards self forgiveness:

My initial reaction was yes that’ll sort out the stuf that is inside me ‘that is not me’. I had seen long ago that I had allowed and accepted things in world as within myself, that I fell in my mind in the same situations over and over again, but I did not have the tool to change / to get it out (of my mind). Here it was presented by the Desteni group. So this struck me instantly as the answer to free myself / my body from the mind.

  • What it was within myself that made me decide to walk/apply self forgiveness:

I knew from my teens that thoughts were only perceptions so that I don’t need them to be able to live and that the self-images were only a burden that has to stop. I actually started applying self forgiveness immediately from the self forgiveness lists on both the english Desteni website as well as the dutch Desteni website. I wanted to be able to walk anywhere on Earth and not be restricted by myself. I had myself retracted within my home studying and needed Self-Forgiveness to Stop the Abdication of Self-Responsibility as Life.

  • How self forgiveness has assisted/supported me within my process (specific transcendences here I walked-through with self forgiveness):

The specific transcendences I was able to walk through were the releases of the pains I experienced within my physical. Within fours months I could function more adequate with my body within my daily tasks. Later on  I was able to stand in the communication with my family.

  • Why I would recommend the application of self forgiveness to others:

I would surely recommend this to anyone because this is the only way to free oneself from the preprogrammed mind consciousness – to not repeat oneself time after time. I heard myself saying the same stuff and if you like to change then this is one of the tools.

  • How I have changed through self forgiveness

I have changed from the perspective of realising when to speak and when not to speak. I have the tendency to withhold myself and getting angry with myself for not speaking up. (Still do — so that’s my self program which I can stop through SF).

  • Why such change only can be walked with the support/assistance and application of self forgiveness.

Indeed such a change can only be walked within the deed of SF because I otherwise would continue living on the automated behaviour I have become – as a mere copy of my parents.  The program is that persistent that I only can come out of it through living self forgiveness.