Explaining Equality

“Equality as “I must be the SAME as him/her” vs Standing in/as the starting point of what is best for all INDIVIDUALLY and within that principle we’re EQUAL”

Firstly, we’re going to have a look at the Mind’s interpretation of “equality” to ensure that we “iron out all the subtleties” of perception and ensure there is no ‘misunderstanding’ with regards to equality

In one’s thought/backchat/imagination one might think/imagine oneself to “be LIKE someone else” – like, exactly the same/similar. Utilizing another individual as “who they are” for your inspiration to be/become the same/similar. When, what one have to realise here is that:

One cannot look at another person in the totality of who they are and compare you to them from that perspective – that is comparing one individual to another individual, when in our individuality – we’re DIFFERENT, but do have a potential to even within that difference be EQUAL/stand together

This means:

What one can, however, consider is THE PROCESS an Individual walked, what did they walk/how did they walk to emerge/express themselves as they do, and then the question should not be “how do I become like them”, the question should be “how do I discover MY individual expression/point/purpose” through walking the same process?

Make sense? The slight change/shift in starting point – where one would create an external relationship to someone, place THEM in your Mind and then use THEM as a mirror for you to be “equal to” VERSUS you placing ONLY YOU in centre of yourself/mind/body and finding out/discovering your different/individual expression/purpose

Now, what dynamics do one create if you want to try and be the Equality-Sameness of someone-else, instead of you finding out who you are when standing within/as equality and oneness in/as the principle of what’s best for all? The following:

Do you notice that, when you want to b the SAME as another, that only that ONE person, or a handful would occupy your mind? Where are YOU then within it all? What about your relationship to everything/everyone else? Can you then walk actual equality and oneness, if your main focus is to try and be the SAME as one or a few people?

Love all life as one Equal Life foundation

Additionally within this, you will find that the SAMENESS-equality point, can only be done through COMPARISON – which brings forth the game of superiority and inferiority, which means you are split within yourself, comparing you to others to try and be the same, constantly in comparison to them shifting between inferiority and superiority in relationship to others as you ceaselessly try and “sameness” yourself to them -while the mind is laughing in the background cause it can for a lifetime keep you competing within your comparison game, juggling you between the polarities

So, therefore remember: the Process is that we all stand in the equal starting point of Principle as what’s best for all, from that starting point, we walk the same path/process – writing, forgiveness, application…and chats lol for assistance/support – in this stand of ourselves Individually, your concentration should be on WHO YOU ARE within YOURSELF, expanding YOU, changing YOU, directing YOU and LEARNING from others, rather than holding one/afew on your mind that you use to compare to. So, taking “sameness, competition and comparison” out of the equation – sets one free to focus on oneself, which is where the main focus is supposed to be

See, science is looking at the physical body like it’s “god” – meaning: “what’s the physical says – GOES, and that’s it”, when in fact, the physical has been programmed through the MIND/CONSCIOUSNESS over a lifetime, and will accordingly be thus a process to change from consciousness/mind to awareness and ensure it’s LIVED into the physical, which is the importance of actual SELF APPLICATION/change in reality

with ‘fearing to become like others’ as the other polarity, here – remember “what you resist, persist” – meaning: if you fear something in someone/judge something in someone and you resist it, you’re trying to fight a part of you that exist within this existence. So, I would suggest, rather than resisting/fighting such points/people/characteristics – ask yourself the question “why am I not liking this/reacting to this/fearing this/judging this? how can I rather UNDERSTAND it, why/how it exist, what are its consequence, place myself in their shoes and in this process – with understanding such things, I can assist/support others who may/might face such points in themselves/their lives/others”. See, people tend to resist/push away others because of reactions – rather than understanding them/assisting/supporting them

So, to make one’s process more direct for oneself – rather than looping around comparison and competition, suggest investigating the people you wanted to be the SAME as – invert yourself/focus to you, and start with your own Mind and what’s going on in there

Yes, everyone – people’s Minds are becoming more and more unpredictable, please – you have to become more aware when communicating/interacting with people, you don’t want to be in reactions/ego, you want to ensure you’re at all times stable and aware to not “initiate/activate” things in others unnecessarily

Sunette Spies

To debunk “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” – Albert Einstein

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”
– Albert Einstein

Huu man! NO wonder Einstein was depressed (suppressed) through the system of thinking, had to drink and died in misery. With all respect, not all quotes by Einstein are incorrect, but this one does not stand the test of time. FACTS are REAL and the mind/thinking is illusion! Wakey, wakey…

NO wonder we/kids/adults get all kinds of mental disorders (energy addictions) like ADHD, dyslexia, anorexia, schizofrenia, sex addiction, consumerism, shop-a-holic, etc., through NOT learning FACTS but being trained into the FICTION/FRICTION of/as the mind/thinking causing all sorts of feelings and emotions that make us humans instable.

Be Still and Know – I am God

Real Education is the learning of facts

Education is the learning of facts and stopping the mind from fucking (thinking) in your brain/body”. – Sylvie Jacobs

Reptilians - Thought and thinking a deliberate creation of control - Part 105

What power/ability did the Human as the Mind have that the Creators wanted to Suppress through the system of Thinking?

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