2013 Bernard Poolman on “How Corporations Destroyed American Democracy – Chris Hedges”

Watch the documentary for context here >>

How close is it to the Desteni and Equal Money message?

How do we know what the image and likeness of the Corporation is?

Look in your home and you will see the products of the corporations everywhere

Human nature is now the product of the corporation

All thinking and character depends on the corporations

who we are depends on the products we buy

and by controlling the products — we end up without choice

You will notice Chris Hedges also mention the importance of a group

you will also notice that the situation he presents is as we said– really bad

Unfortunately he has no solution

the solution starts with education –like what we do with journey to life

and eventually we will take on the system on its own terms

but first we have to learn how it works

in detail and how the human is the system

the human is the corporation

What if I told u

what the corporations do to human nature is actually done by fellow human beings–all just for money

but the accumulation of commonsense 1+1+1= will give the result

and on the other side of the veil there is no more programmers that can screw things up == it is now all our lonesome selves –we have all there is to take care of and that is that most of this life in this world is the product of some external corpus that wants your support in buying there stuff- horsemeat and all

yes– it takes years to get it–slowly you are being guided — without even knwoing about it

yet– the door is left open for you to renage on your responsibility to life and the price is life– consumerism in the ultimate

uniformity is what the corporation use to control all –you do not even notice–because they use different packaging and colors that give the impression fo diversity–but at the core–all is uniform –from school were it is uniform to work where it is unifrom to death –such a wonderful world

buy one get one free –actually means you get that free because some one lost their job –its never actually free

discounts the same thing

the cheaper the product –the more people lost their jobs so you can have a cheap product

as things are getting cheaper and cheaper–you will notice more and more companies closing down and people losing jobs–once complete monoploy has been achieved–prices will rise again and then profits will be astronomical

and in the meantime –the corporation is programming every one to want cheap products claiming it is good value– and so you help them close down the opposition and help many lose their jobs– and so the human is the image and likeness of the corporation –as in so out –as above so below

more will lose their jobs — it is still a while to go

the person with money living a life with children simply do not see this –as they read their Bible and pray every evening –they are just gratefull to God — and take it all for granted

You cannot trust the label on a product

patience – focus — make sure the group remain stable –make sure ou remain stable –make sure you write your blogs –do your process –simple stuff- which is so simple to ensure you ahve no excuse

you cannot produce great amounts of veggies for whole populations without pesticides

now the corporation will destroy the organic industry and introduce their own products

many will lose their incomes

as you have noticed–very few can yet understand and apply what we represent–so make sure you practise your skills and read the blogs of those that show by example what is possible and enhance your writing skills please

push yourself as far as you can go and then go beyond it–as the as far as you can go is the limit of your program –te point where you can go no more–the belief that defines you that must be eradicated

it is the corporate reward system that is now the image and likeness design of human nature and all belongings are personal rewards for good system work

Bernard Poolman