My first introduction of self-forgiveness

  • What my initial reaction/experience was towards self forgiveness:

My initial reaction was yes that’ll sort out the stuf that is inside me ‘that is not me’. I had seen long ago that I had allowed and accepted things in world as within myself, that I fell in my mind in the same situations over and over again, but I did not have the tool to change / to get it out (of my mind). Here it was presented by the Desteni group. So this struck me instantly as the answer to free myself / my body from the mind.

  • What it was within myself that made me decide to walk/apply self forgiveness:

I knew from my teens that thoughts were only perceptions so that I don’t need them to be able to live and that the self-images were only a burden that has to stop. I actually started applying self forgiveness immediately from the self forgiveness lists on both the english Desteni website as well as the dutch Desteni website. I wanted to be able to walk anywhere on Earth and not be restricted by myself. I had myself retracted within my home studying and needed Self-Forgiveness to Stop the Abdication of Self-Responsibility as Life.

  • How self forgiveness has assisted/supported me within my process (specific transcendences here I walked-through with self forgiveness):

The specific transcendences I was able to walk through were the releases of the pains I experienced within my physical. Within fours months I could function more adequate with my body within my daily tasks. Later on  I was able to stand in the communication with my family.

  • Why I would recommend the application of self forgiveness to others:

I would surely recommend this to anyone because this is the only way to free oneself from the preprogrammed mind consciousness – to not repeat oneself time after time. I heard myself saying the same stuff and if you like to change then this is one of the tools.

  • How I have changed through self forgiveness

I have changed from the perspective of realising when to speak and when not to speak. I have the tendency to withhold myself and getting angry with myself for not speaking up. (Still do — so that’s my self program which I can stop through SF).

  • Why such change only can be walked with the support/assistance and application of self forgiveness.

Indeed such a change can only be walked within the deed of SF because I otherwise would continue living on the automated behaviour I have become – as a mere copy of my parents.  The program is that persistent that I only can come out of it through living self forgiveness.

Communication in equality and oneness? – Facing my Mind’s Energy Walls

The CON of conscience

A ‘reminder’ for those walking Relationships/Agreements — to realise that reaction as “experiences” within self, is SELF-created; and to ‘flag-point’ the tendency of blaming/projecting and accumulating/building reactions / experiences to/towards one’s partner that manifest unnecessary conflict and separation.

Sunette Destonian Spies

Writing out copied patterns: As I went upstairs into the room where the male human being was at the laptop, he was just trying to close the windows he was browsing for the games he was after and busy to hide this, because he knows / I know it generates polarity friction inside. This is the mind consciousness game we play here for over six years – I crehate war ‘n’ peace on his gaming issue, he hides it – so we are stuck within this cycle. I can no longer accept this gaming of us and opened ‘communication’ – explaining him that the ‘too-muchness of energy’ he is experiencing comes thereof, of playing games and having thoughts, reactions, emotions. So – I was in this rant that he /we can not support self within these ‘energyfucks’ – we shunt within our mind energy walls, he going into his pattern – me into my pattern as a ‘teacher’. I must stop my SELF creation –  I step out of this perpetuum mobile. Then what? Do I leave him up to his computer games? Is that supporting him as myself? I will let go of all control, because it’s all about the money what we currently exist of and ass.

“Money represents the energies as emotions and feelings we allow to fluctuate inside us,

while thinking that we are these energies–thus we think money is the world and all that life is about–fascinating.”  – Bernard Poolman

What is obvious is that I can not move another to realise common sense – I  must realise common sense self here – but when is it that I am communicating in common sense as equality and oneness with a being? Opening up about anything – not allowing and accepting secrets to exist within and without the mind. Wether it’s with myself, the being here or another being is all equal. How do I communicate within supporting and assisting each other as equal and one? Without going in my mind.

I realise I am still quite in the dark within this one. Patience with others as myself! It’s what we all have to learn within understanding who we are as oneness and equality of Life.

Com-munication – com meaning with. But how I speak to him was/ is to him.

What is it I don’t (want to) see here ? Myself as the mind – refracted.


Next day – some self honesty here Sylvie what I see in an other is what I see in me. It’s the secrectly stuff that is being reflected to me here – I secrete my fear.

‘Inequality’ is: Where One ‘Allow’, in ‘Your’-‘Mind’ – ‘Secret Thoughts’, About ‘Others’ = That is ‘Deception’

Getting over myself through Self forgiveness.

I forgive myself that I have allowed and accepted myself to get in a mental state whenever I see H. playing games in stead of realising I am playing games with the physical within getting into my mind consciousness system.

I forgive myself that I have allowed and accepted myself to fear for my own survival whenever I see him fucking up himself in stead of realising I am fucking up myself as the physical within reacting to his gaming.

I forgive myself that I have allowed and accepted myself to react to the pictures I see in this world.

Self corrective statement.

Whenever I see H. playing games – I stop, I breath – I do not accept or allow myself to get worked up over the fact what I see H. doing, thinking and believing that if I am telling H. that ‘energy’ harms us I would be assisting and supporting. In stead – I face my current reality and take responsbility for whatever that is bothering me.

Equal Money — Freedom for All as One