Why Nationalization Makes sense – and we Don’t

Money Matters

Nationalization of resources, Expropriation (which simply means making someone’s claimed private property an EX ownership)  and every argument/thought around them, seem to go against the very treasured teachings of the Value -and the Right- of/to Private Property.

Maybe it will be in this very point that we can start to wake up to the damning reality of our brainwashing, how do we worship something most people never have access to, never had and never will?

Wasn’t One God enough to uphold as Precious in our Fantasy World?

This world is not designed to guarantee an Equal share of everything to All, crazy if you really think about it because no one was born -in theory- with more or less rights to benefiting from what the planet provides.

I recently went through our National Laws on the point of Nationalization and Expropriation for land, buildings and businesses in the name of…

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OBEY Documentary: the Haters Phenomena benefit the Corporate Elite extremely well

For context watch OBEY documentary on Vimeo OBEYhttps://vimeo.com/59002146#at=0

“As you would have noticed, it (red. the OBEY documentary) explains the all haters phenomena very well, and that the hater phenomena benefit the corporate Elite extremely well. This point needs to be addressed in blogs and vlogs and pointing out to people that to join to hater groups is counterproductive as it’s support the corporate state in fact, the very thing the haters claims to not support. Some hater though, are in fact sponsored by corporations to spread hate as it is through disinformation that propaganda is disseminated to try and annihilate opposition to the ideas of profit. You can check Eleonora’s blog on the Italian election where labelling is used to try and demonize new emerging groups in politics.” (see down below for the link)

“Another point you will notice in this documentary is that the other extreme emerge where people become passively positive into humans that talk a lot but do nothing. This phenomena especially emerged in spirituality since the 1970s and made sure that those that could make a difference in the world would divert the potential to another form of happiness they find in spirituality. Since the 1990s spirituality also became consumer product and more and more people started charging for positive type of spiritual work. This was obviously to great benefit for the corporations as the consumer will now look deliberately for the good in everything regardless of the damage he does.”

OBEY by Adam Voorhes

“So understand, whether intentionally or not, there is a side effect to this documentary as rebelling becomes the way the corporate can motivate local and federal authority to engage more laws, more police, more security and thus the rebelling part we could consider being an influence of the corporate control to misdirect people away from politics by claiming that democracy can never work. So whether this was done intentionally is uncertain but certainly, we can see with Occupy Wall Street that the control has increased, we have reached the stage of classical totalitarians.”

“The obvious solution is education, specifically focussing on the fact that politics is the legal way through which even the corporations now gaining power and therefore, it is the legal way for the populous to regain power. Any form of rebelling will allow the corporations to put in more control as they already done since OWS started. The haters also benefit the corporation as it will allow them to put more control on the Internet and to eventually charge for everything one use in the internet, just like water. Therefore, it is to the benefit of the corporation to develop and sponsor hater groups.”

The demon possession will cause disruptions in society and so the corporations can up security etc. using that as a reason for enhancing their presence and so make more money.”

“There will be more people becoming spiritual as spirituality will follow those with money that has some security in the system. It will start to turn when all people with money is spiritual.”

“So I suggest that we use the documentary ‘Obey’ to educate people, some will react negatively and some in fear, some will be triggered by the flashing images and become demon possessed which will benefit the corporation in the short term and us in the long term. We will walk and continue to educate and impress on people the importance of writing as a tool of self education.”

“Understand that the consequences of the current system will be with us for many more years and you are going to have to stand strong and keep on disseminating common sense and slowly one by one, people will join us.”

Bernard Poolman

Day 275: Hear Here – Italian Elections 2013 – Direct Democracy vs Alzheimer http://adirectorjourneystolife.blogspot.com/2013/02/day-275-hear-here-italian-elections.html

All tied up to our preprogrammed existence

All tied up to your views, opinions, ideas – are you uptight? Not a singular idea, thought, opinion will set you free from yourself as the mind. Enslaved to serve the mind consciousness system.

Hanging with strings as thoughts from which generates things as feelings and emotions. A world wide web. How did this preprogrammed existence we are ‘living’ come about? Suggestion is to read The History of Mankind at http://www.desteni.co.za/articles or watch the video series.

Transcending thoughts /matrix / mind /ego is becoming at ease with yourself as equality and onenesss from within and without.

Self forgiveness is the key to self a tool to cure dis-ease with self —

Self honesty is the key to freedom —

Self correction —

Self direction —

Self Movement

Work this out for yourself – free yourself from the mind consciousness enslavement – join the Desteni group of people!



Stand as one as equal as all to Change Self to change world — www.desteniiprocess.com

Common sense of the human body — www.equalmoney.org

Research material – mathematically proven — www.desteni.co.za

DIP – Stop Being Hard on Self, Change in and as a Gentle Agreement with Self

“Understand that – to assist and support self within stopping the existence of self within the definition of ‘Life’ being that of having a Personality that define self as being ‘Individual’ within the living of self as a Ego-Persona of Mind – the definition that is infused/amalgamated within/as self through this ‘Tree of Life’-System = is to investigate and identify ‘personality-definitions’ self… has accepted as self within the definition of ‘who I am’ that is lived as self through the Mind Consciousness System. This is done through observing/remem­bering one’s grandparents and parents – that will reflect to self personality-definitions self has copied from them, that self is currently existing as. Personality will be seen within, for example behaviour, mannerism, physical-actions, speech, body-language etc. – all such traits which form the entire definition of self, self exist as through the Mind, reflected from one’s parents and grandparents. To stop existing as such habits of manifested personality-traits defined as ‘living’ ‘life’ –

but manifest self equal and one as all here as self-expression and actually live as Life equal and one as all.”

Winged – Sharing Daily Activities: System Removals

That’s what I did when I was a child observing my grandparents on the sundays after church visists. What in them is what’s in me – I don’t know exactly when I realised these matters, but quite a long time ago. Not that I knew how to remove these transferred / copied systems of survival to change myself until the material and tools presented by Desteni.

My fathers’ father for instance was quite ‘hard’ (see the hardening system – www.desteni.co.za/articles) on himself as on others. “Zwaar op de hand” in dutch – “aan den lijve ondervonden” translates in I found it to my cost. Granddad had eleven sons and one daughter – the youngest child. What I saw was competition amongst most of my uncles especially on topics of science, knowledge and information of this world, which I knew from John in the bible was “not to accept”. But yeah who was I to speak? Allways listening I became a walking encyclopedia destroying true self value and not wanting to be like that at the same time, through which I infact created a polarity within myself.  There are more systems within me I am not aware of yet, because when we are naught we have already the unconscious system downloaded within us and while we grow up we adopt till the age of seven all we have had in our environments to become perfectly enslaved systems in the system / matrix. (As how Anu and his friends had wanted and created human beings to be controlled and enslaved to dig up the gold from within the earth). This is how we come to program self witihn the system to become the system we have currently become. “Knowledge and information of this world is the power to abuse our essence as who we are as equality and oneness of Life”. This disease / machine on Earth has to stop HERE!

In the Desteni ‘I’ Process (DIP) we learn to deconstruct the Mind Consciousness System Components as there are thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, pictures. To remove self-doubt and build self trust through specific self forgiveness on shit that comes up from within in the mind layers.

Here’s how I stop – stopping the mind, learning to be self-directive, self-effective, self-trust.

1. Living Self honesty equal and one as all.

2. Application of Self forgiveness whenever a thought, feelings and/or emotion of the mind comes up to be able to immediately stop participating in the mind and therefor feeding the mindsystem in yourself as in the global system (matrix).

3. Focussing on every breath here, to be able to stay here as breath and to realise that all which is real is me here in every moment of breath – that whatever goed around in my head as the mind is not real.

4. Writing because in writing I assist me through seeing myself straight in front of me in words and through applying self forgiveness on emotions, feelings, thoughts and / or memories whilst writing.


How to practically, effectively apply Self-Forgiveness to release the crystallized system-designs from within our human physical bodies – Veno (see Desteni articles)

Through speaking extremely specifically Self Forgivenesses aloud the crystals we have formed within our human physical bodies will explode to free ourselves from the mind.

Crystal exploding in slow motion

Into a Gentle Agreement with Self — www.desteniiprocess.com

To Change the unequal Money System — www.equalmoney.org

It’s inevitable for All to See Real — www.desteni.co.za