Mess – To deconstruct my Design of Reaction as Polarity Enslavement

Mess age. People think that having thoughts, feelings and emotions is normal. It is NOT – it is forms of possession (‘to have and to hold’). What a mess we hide BEHIND the perfect picture we portray, it looks ‘normal’… but it is completely not true.

We are Here on Earth to learn to understand who we really are as oneness and equality to Birth Life in and as the Physical.

“The Battle of the Minds (text from video down below)
Let’s say you are in a situation with which you are participating with another human being. And you within yourself react to the situation of and the human being or just the situation or just the human being – realize that in and at that moment of reaction within yourself you are enslaved to the situation, you are enslaved to the human being and you enslaved your own participation within the situation and with the human being. In other words: when you react within yourself you are less than the mind, less than the situation, less than your participation, and less than the human being and less than the experience of the entirety of the moment.”

Blogging my mess here

Points I am gonna deconstruct is my Design of Reaction as Polarity Enslavement here – starting point within and as self honesty. My main trigger points are in the house here – the same designs playing out we designed over time within the first relationships we have had in this world. The mind needs relationships to manifest itself.

Within reacting we allow and accept the mind abuse and destroy true self value as who we REALLY are as equal as one as Life as all Here – within reacting we allow and accept the mind abuse and destroy the physical, which is being reflected to us as us by the world.

Re-acting or answering

You can act in two ways: one is reacting, the other is answering.
Reaction comes from your conditionings of the past; it is automated. Answering you do from within your presence, your awareness; it is not automated.
Being equal and one – others representing my lost particles
I stop within myself this stupid reacting to the being I’m living with here. I stop reacting within myself to him not picking himself up to see for self what is here to work with therefor I do not pick myself up and forgive myself for what is coming up within the mind. I stop allowing and accepting myself to fuck myself ‘having to speak up’ about the stuff that needs to be done, therefor I stop this nonsense – this most times happened / happening on saturdays where we both had together do the physical things in and around the house. This seemed a huge point within and without in which I now can see: I stop getting frustrated with myself over another person, that does not stand up within self and see I as my mind have created this enslavement within my mind in the first place. Within reacting I am giving my power away to something or someone outside myself. That’s insanity – till here and no further.

Video The Solution of Action as Self Movement 

The Design of Verbal Diarrhea

Another point is when I am speaking to this house partner on the matter of the Desteni material and tools I kind of wanted / forced him to study and apply the tools for himself as well. He does read articles as I ask him to ‘as a good slave becomes’ – but only then – so I let go here, I self have to self realise first. I don’t know when it’s his time. Most people I will meet are not realising self awareness, self honesty, self responsibility so I let go of my spite = hate =  fear. I am the answer.

When I react within myself I am less than the mind, less than the situation, less than my participation, and less than the human being and less than the experience of the entirety of the moment.

I stop reacting to the sounds this housepartner produces because I know it is my ‘energy’, my thought-emotion construct behind – I forgive myself that I have allowed and accepted myself to fear ‘(t)his energy’ I projected on the other being here and breathe through those compound sounds resonating through my ears as fears. Only through applying self forgiveness and self correction my crystallized Mind System Design of Reaction will be able to be removed unconditionally, explode so-to-spaek and be released from my human physical body. I correct myself. I am silence.

I stop this Battle of the Minds. I can’t yet write this out fully… just want to start seeing into this as this correlates to my childhood relationship memories I can’t see quite clear . This is a process. It’s a principle of self responsibility, standing up within myself, stopping reactions immediately, forgiving the person, forgiving myself for not standing up the first time. It’s a process to correct our past time line.

Stopping the mind through simple living principles:

  • Breath in equality and oneness
  • I work with what is here
  • What is best for all
  • Self responsiblity

Reaction as Proof of life versus Breath is Life as who we really are

The other day at work we had this short communication on communication which I start here writing out:

I stated “Reacting is not communicating” on which this being expressed an “owe” and said I have to clarify this for myself first – this is an other blog all together.

Mind-Possessions: In moments when we accept/allow ourselves to have our thoughts run away with us – backchat conversations towards others within blame/spite/comparison/jealousy/revenge that accumulate a reaction-charge of emotions and feelings within self that take-over to such an extent where we yell in our minds, yell with screams/shouts and can manifest consequence to the extent of physical-abuse. The state of the world/humanity is an example of the extent to which accepted/allowed mind-possession has been taken and we’re more than capable of assisting/supporting ourselves to stop it from having to create consequence to the point of no return. Assist/support self to stop the mind of thoughts and energies and so possessions in such moments of conflict/resistance, to be able to direct/deal-with or face inner and outer conflict with common-sense, self honesty, stability and self-responsibility. Join us at Desteni and write/forgive yourself out of possession / mind.

To be followed…

What is Best for All Life —

Get real common sense —

Desteni mathematics —

5 thoughts on “Mess – To deconstruct my Design of Reaction as Polarity Enslavement

  1. zo hee! je hebt je mind systeem in de gaten, cool!
    Ik voelde vandaag dankbaarheid dat mijn ouders voor mij die rollen hebben willen spelen waardoor voor mij duidelijk kon worden wat ik in mezelf toesta en accepteer zodat ik het kan stoppen om waardig te worden voor Leven

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