Saying Sorry to others as you

OK – today at the matrix job I was working again at the entrance gate at a wholesale trade mart having to scan people’s passes where about more then ten people of them – male and female – used the word “sorry” to excuse themselves from something. What was I speaking or doing then that they have to react with and as this word? What are they experiencing inside themselves to say sorry to me as themselves for? What do they sorry themselves for? For the system? Do I make them feel sorry? I don’t need their sorries / excuses, just standing up within and working together finding solutions and not creating more shit over systems cause systems are limited and needless to fuck oneself up about. Years ago I did this exact same sorry thing inside and outside myself for a while – but stopped saying it inside and out, breathed in, seeing this was coming from some kind of fear and faced the fears.


But here and now to take this on in the world as myself I have to correct this in the matrix as myself. The case is this scanning system takes sometimes about five to ten seconds to ‘bleeb’ and in this time I see people having difficulty standing still for it and almost falling over their own two feet (sometimes litterally walking over me lol = walking over themselves). Before they come towards the gate I breath in 4 counts, hold 4 counts, greet them and then scan the code. It is in the moment that they do not actually want to stop at the gate, breath and work with the system they therefor ‘fall’ within themselves and have to excuse themselves for it, because they know on the inside they are rushing (blood) into making money or else they are busy doing on the workfloor. Another case is where I state that they ought to have their passes with them for themselves as to not compound shit (anger and such) in themselves and creating cues as a result in front of the gates – their and everyones ‘benefit’ is they can enter 7 stores with this particular pass without having to create shit in themselves as in others. We have allowed and accepted it is (become) common though to not take responsibility for our own stuff,  therefor and in not doing so trying it to shove it off onto others as me, which I then correct as them – in a way this is lack, laziness and arrogance I can see and correct that in me as well – but again their “sorry” comes my way… How to stop keeping on rushing? To all slow down and becoming the Breath of and as Life Here – check Equal Money for All from Birth till Death.

Do I think I have to correct them? Yes.

I forgive myself that I have allowed and accepted myself to think I have to correct people when they are saying sorry to me instead of realising they have to forgive and correct themselves for what they are experiencing in and outside themselves.

I forgive myself that I have allowed and accepted myself to think I have to correct people in stead of living the correction as me as all.

Does it make any sense to do so? For me yes at the moMent. Do they hear me? Probably not.  Anyway I tried a little variation as in “I don’t need your sorry” – “Stop your sorry” – “Forgive yourself”. The solution for fear, anger, sadness, reactions coming up into your head as the mind is Self forgiveness and living self honesty here as all as one as equal. Here now I am as a tool to learn to see what is common sense to do in this world writing this blog about my experience and I will go see what I have to do or not to do.

To make a real change within and without self and this world – standing up in self, breathing in and taking self responsiblity for all points we see in our world reflected back to ourselves, because it is ALL what we have accepted and allowed to exist – it’s us not the gnomes or a god or the government – THOSE are the EXCUSES  for our sorry ASSES.

Practical common sense —

The Beginning of World Equality —

Self development and taking responsibility for the world realising as self equal and one —

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