Interviews from the Farm 11: Why are we Here on Earth?

This is an article by Desteni, published May 4 2009.

Interviews with Bernard Poolman

04 May 09

A very long time ago there was Balance in the Universe.

Balance doesn´t mean anything per se but that it means – Balance.

The Universe was not Structured as now – it was structured in Galaxies -which you now would call a Universe – each one of them representing like a Petal of a Flower – a Particular Expression.

You had a Univ…you had Galaxy or a Universe, whatever you wanna call it, I mean, a name is really irrelevant – you had one that was Expression as Crystals, one as Sound, one as…as…Water, you know, you had one as Mathematics – you had all the facets you now have intermingled – it was like, there was ´societies´ of it, it was Expressions of it.

Now – to ‘maintain’ that Balance an interesting thing was necessary, because that was all that was understood – what was understood is that: For Movement to occur; ´Energy´ is required, and that ´Energy´ would move as a ‘form’ of a Polarity – and that Polarity would be done in a Curious way: By having a single-Being stand as ´God´, as ´King´ – which was fascinatingly enough – a particular DNA-Lineage that stood as that.

So that means, that this – out of the same ‘King’ the same…the same ‘Principle’ that you, that you now have in terms of ‘Kings’ and of, of Tribes and things like that -you had the same ‘Principle’ then. And the very fact that that Being stood there, Everyone believing that that was the ‘Point of Balance’ = the Balance existed.

So as long as that, these…and then, in every Galaxy it was like that: There was a, a ´Royal House´, so to speak, that ´maintained´ the Balance of Everything. And, there were Peace and there were a certain ‘level’ of Equality. And what was honoured above all was: ‘Choice’, ´Free-Will´. The ‘‘Choice’ to express yourself’, the ‘‘Choice’ of the ‘Individual’’ – ‘Individuality’.

And within that obviously – a fascinating point that was understood then, was that: One must Support Each-Other. So the ‘Interconnectedness’ of Everything was ‘supported’ through the ‘Choice’ – beings would make a ‘Choice’ to Support Each-Other through the ‘Principle of Supporting Each-Other’ – but there was a ´specialness´ about the ‘Choice’. The ´specialness´ was that: You could ´make the ‘Choice’ to ‘Support’ someone.

Then a strange thing occurred – a very strange thing: One day the Question was Asked: Why could everyone not Balance themselves? Why is the Balance separate from everyone?

What is the Point – that is not understand? Why do you have an Inequality where something like a ´God´ is required to ´maintain’ the ‘Balance´, to ‘maintain’ the ‘Balance’ in ‘Choice’?

Understand at that stage already – Beings or People – you could call them ´Man´ – at that stage it was not ‘HUman’ – it was Man.

Man existed very much as they do today, in a way that – they were all coming from Planets, you know, from like – we come from the dust of the Earth. They were, then…if they’re in a Crystal-Universe or -Galaxy they will be Crystal-like – and in their Form and in their, in their Expression and their ´Skills´ and everything is related to ´what they are coming from´ – they would ‘Emerge’, in essence, from the ‘Substance’ which they are, where they are finding themselves from, the – call it the Planet, or that particular Galaxy or Universe. And these would…their ´Skill´ would be specific.

Obviously at that stage, things like Sexuality, as you understand it today – did not exist. I mean – it (Sexuality) was a point of beings ‘coming together’ as a ‘Mother’ and a ‘Father’ = the Family-Construct did exist – that would in their Merging, in their Expression of ‘Support of Each-Other’, would make it ‘possible´ for a place of Support, a place of Consideration, a place of…you can call it ´Love´ to exist, for a being to ‘Emerge’ into Existence.

But then again beings also died, so in a way, the being ‘Emerging’ was someone or some…someone that´s been there before – it´s like Reincarnation.

Very much of the Reincarnation was in effect a Continuation, rather than a form of ´paying for something you´ve done ‘right’ or ‘wrong’´ – because ´right´ and ´wrong´ per se – did not exist. What existed was simply: ‘Balance’.

There was an ‘Understanding’ that everything in Existence actually Existed in Balance. There was not Nature as you would understand it now – because…the Experience/Expression was quite Absolute from that perspective, as the Point of Balance was Absolute – which means in terms of how it existed: It had an Absolute Effect on the Balanced-Expression of Everyone that was Here – as the ‘Here of Then´.

In the Question that emerged on: Why is Everyone not Equal? – the Point was then Approached to Consider the Equality of Everyone and Change the Point of ‘Balance’. That immediately emerged as quite an interesting Point which was seen as ´unacceptable´.

It was seen as an ´atrocity´ to ´Change what is Here´ – because what is Here was apparently ´the only Answer´ and it was ´working´ from the perspective of everyone Participating. What was not understood obviously is that: The only Reason it was ´working´ is because of ‘the Submission of Everyone to the particular System’. And in the Acceptance of that, obviously, there was the Point that there was Inequality = there was not the Actuality of Equality between all beings.

Although they would All come from the Same ‘Source’ – their ‘Lineage’ would ‘determine’: ‘What they’re Equal as and to’, which is very much ‘similar’ to what we have today – where your Equality is virtually ‘determined’ on your ‘Lineage’, your ‘Intelligence’ is ‘dependent’ on your ‘Lineage’.

Your…your point where…of…‘Effectiveness’ in this Reality is ‘dependent’ on your, or what ‘Colour’ you are, which Country you’re in and how your ‘Family-line’ fit into that and your History of your ‘Lineage’ and all kinds of things – ‘Pre-determine’ your ‘Experience’ to quite a Vast-degree in this Reality.

Now, the only way, then to Question this Point, to bring Awareness that this Point, In Fact, was a ‘Weakness’ – this Point that there was not Equality, was the ‘Inherent–weakness’ of Existent Existence = was to actually Challenge the Point.

So in that – after the discussions and the Considerations broke-down, and did not go any further – one of the Beings and…that was standing as ‘the Point of Balance’ of one of the Galaxies = Abdicated ‘the Point of Balance’.

Immediately Many things Happened at Once. So we’ll look at the various points in…from different perspectives: One was Immediately, that: A Fear ‘arised’.

The Fear that; because ‘the Point of Balance’ do not Exist, everything will now become Unbalanced, which will cause the Universe to ‘End’. Fascinatingly enough, was that: One of the Primary-Points that was there, which is very similar today…to today: If you do not ‘adhere to your Belief-System’ – the ‘End of the…your Existence will come and then you will be ‘judged’’.

So, in a way, that ‘inherent-judgment’ of, what was…what would flow out of the ‘Unbalancing of the Creation’ as it existed then = came forth.

A fascinating thing then occurred: The point of ‘Free Will’, then, was Challenged – to truly Reveal its Nature.

And how it was Challenged was fascinating, because all that was required by everyone was a fascinating point: They had to ‘Stand-Together’ in their ‘Free Will’ and have ‘One-Will,’ and everything would be Balanced.

But an interesting thing occurred – some realized an interesting point: They could say: “No” – when it comes to the Point of: “Let’s Stand Together”. And they could do it in a peculiar ‘form of experience’, called “Spitefulness” – they could hold all the ‘power’, by simply saying: “I will not Stand Together, Equal as One. I will do it ‘my way’, because I have ‘Free Will.’” In that Singular Moment = All of the Universes or Galaxies started to disintegrate over time, because – what was Spreading like Wildfire, was a form of ‘Revenge’: “If you say you’re not going do it – I will say the same and I’ll ‘Spite’ you back.” So ‘in Spite of’ having all that one can imagine, in Absolute-Balance – requiring One Singular Point to Stand in Balance Equal and One, by Realizing that your ‘Free Will’ wasn’t really ‘Free’ = the ‘Original Sin’ occurred: That of ‘Spitefulness’.

And within that ‘Spitefulness’, a Fear ‘emerged’ that: If you have to Trust another, they have ALL the ‘power’ – because at ‘any given moment’, they can ‘Spite’ you.

Therefore you cannot ‘submit yourself’ to anyone, you cannot Trust anyone, because = what is Inherent, and that emerged more and more, was: ‘Spitefulness’. And have a look… it exist exactly like that, every single day of your life.

Your whole life has existed in the ‘principle of ‘Spitefulness’’.

You have Never Transcended ‘Spitefulness’ in any way.

So within that, an interesting thing occurred: ‘Groups’ were formed. Groups that eventually became a different ‘form of Expression’. These ‘Groups’ would go – and instead of Balance, ‘Polarity’ became the ‘guiding-force’ of the Universes.

Balance was no-longer, because Balance became impossible because ‘Dishonour’ became the ‘principle of Existence’. ‘Dishonour’ meaning: “I have the ‘power’, the ‘ultimate -power’ = I can ‘Spite’ you whenever it ‘suits me’. And through that I can exert ‘my ‘power’’ ‘over you’. And no matter how ‘good’ you are, no matter how ‘good’ I am – the end of the day, I still have ‘power’ = I can say, ‘No’. I can ‘Spite’ you. I can – ‘In Spite of Knowing what is the Best’ – I can do what is the ‘best for me’. And I can do it because I have ‘Free Will’. Because I’ve always had ‘Free Will’.” – which is fascinating, yes, we always had ‘Free Will’. We’ve been in Existence a very long time.

In this all, a fascinating thing started happening: Things started to ‘Spiral out of Control’, because it was no-longer in Balance. And this ‘Spiraling out of Control’, the Mathematical-Equation of Existence that was always a ‘Balanced-Equation’ = became Unbalanced. And because the ‘Inherent-‘desire of Free Will’’ linked-to the ‘desire’ and the ‘definition’ that ‘Free Will’ Encompasses the ‘power of ‘Spite’’ – ‘in Spite of’ all Efforts = it became a Design that was ‘Infinite in Nature’. It just continued, because as time Progressed – and Remember, time was always defined by those that are ‘here in time’ – as time Progressed – beings would continue in their ‘action of ‘Spitefulness’’ and ‘Free Will’ and Create ‘Groups’ that work-together and that define the ‘Reason why’ their ‘belief’, their ‘Free Will’ to be a specific way. Which you could call – at that stage – virtually like ‘Religions’, like we have today.

Have a look… your ‘Religions’ of today exist in ‘Spitefulness’ to each other. They will exist because they ‘believe they have ‘Free Will’’. And accordingly, they express themselves and are, in a way, in conflict, which is the conflict-point is the Polarity-Point. And through that, everything in Creation that was a Balanced-Expression, became an ‘Expression of ‘Energy’’. Because, from that Friction was created an ‘Energy’.

What was fascinating though, is in that ‘Energy’ that was Created, something ‘new’ Emerged: You could get an ‘Higher-Energy’ and you could get an ‘Lower-Energy’. And automatically, a Battle started: ‘The Battle of the Stars’, in a way.

‘The Battle of the Stars’ was: “Who can have all the ‘Cool’ ‘High-Energy’ and push the others to a ‘Lower-Energy’ so that they can ‘feel’ they have ‘exerted their ‘power’ of ‘Free Will’’” – which is in fact, actually ‘Spitefulness’ – to such a degree that they have all the ‘Power’, and that the others are in ‘Fear of their ‘power’’, which means, actually, ‘in Fear of their ‘Spite’’.

So now ‘Free Will’ has actually become something ‘covering-up’ ‘Spitefulness’.

And have a look… in today’s Society it’s exactly what Exist. In this ‘Spiraling’ – it was Clear that the Universe as we know it: Would be Changing Forever, which is what happened.

And where all-things were in a form of ‘Quantifiable Quantum-Reality’ where it was, there was an Immediacy – the point of the Polarity, the point of the ‘Spitefulness’, the point of the ‘exertion of power’ – caused a Separation between all-Beings and that Separation was like a ‘Tear in Existence’ that became bigger and bigger and bigger.

And that pushed everything apart, which is why the Universe from a point of Balance started to moving apart, ‘attempting to Embrace Everything’, to ‘allow everyone their point of ‘Free Will’ – because that was what everyone were looking for.

Everyone was saying: “I have ‘Free Will’. This is ‘me’. This is ‘my expression’. This is ‘who I am’. And I will do everything to ‘protect’ this ‘Free Will’ – no matter what I have to do” – within that, a fascinating thing started occurring that nobody Noticed: A ‘dependency’ started, a ‘dependency’ on the ‘Energy’ that came from the Conflict between the Polarity-Points, which in essence – was like a form of ‘Fusion’.

In that form of ‘Fusion’ – that which was the…Mass, the Matter of the Universe – became engulfed in it – because we were the Matter of the Universe. And in that; we started to use the Matter and transforming it into ‘Energy’.

More and more and more and…throughout-time – I mean, this ‘Time’ has been a very long Time – we started transforming the Universe and the very ‘Nature of the Universe’, although still directed by the ‘Law of Balance’ – the Balance changed the Equation, in terms of Galaxies and Universes starting to move; no longer in a ‘Balanced-way’, although it is still in a ‘Balanced-way’, but you had Collisions, because you had now ‘Collisions of Ideas’, Collisions of Choices’, ‘Collisions of Expressions’, ‘Collisions of what each one believed was ‘right’ and ‘wrong’’ – and thus ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ was created within it all.

And as this whole thing was ‘Spiralling out of Control’ – obviously there was a Call, a ‘Inherent-Call’ in Everyone: That this must Stop.

And for that to Stop there was only One ‘Answer’ that everyone could come up with, to a degree, and that was that: “We need a ‘Leader’. We need somebody strong, that can stand and sort this out” – sounds familiar, doesn’t it? “Because we can’t do it” – I mean, “We need somebody to do it – that can make all the decisions that we actually want to make and then we must all agree. So, we have to find a way of doing ‘what is best according to the ‘mass-Choice’.

We have to bring-together ‘Choice’ into a…an ‘agreement’ where ‘the majority will…will be the ‘power’ that directs’” –

Darryl: Yeah -‘Politics’ –

Bernard: Politics.
And in that; a fascinating being Emerged: Anu.

Anu Saw he was ‘well-Respected’, because of his abilities to bring points together and through that -Create. So, he could ‘Harness’ the ‘Talents’ of beings – their ‘expressive-abilities’, and bring it together to create new things from it – sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Our Executives of Companies do that. Our Presidents do that: Bring people with different ‘Qualities’ together to ‘express things’.

And in that, Anu obviously had an interesting Dilemma, because in the Unbalancing of Everything, things were Changing with all the Planets and the Universe. So, their particular Planet developed a ‘peculiar-problem’.

Its ‘problem’ was that it needed a certain ‘Substance’ to remain In-Balance and that ‘Substance’ was just not sufficient and it kept on going out of Un…into a form of Unbalancing, which is like its ‘Nature’, which was what it was – in his particular-case it was related to Gold. The ‘Nature’ of that particular Planet was Unbalanced. It sounds very familiar if one look at how our Nature is being Unbalanced.

It (Anu’s Planet) required something – and that ‘Substance’ that it required is a Physical-Substance, was not on the Planet. It was somewhere-else, which forced the whole point of searching for it = which is how they stumbled across Earth, in a way.

And in that, obviously through time, much Separation took place and many beings became their own ‘groups’ that ‘lived’ and on Earth we had the Atlanteans: The beings that remained from the ‘Universe of Sound’… or the ‘Galaxy of Sound’.

Remember – Galaxy / Universe, it’s the same thing. It’s more one at the end of the day, it’s just the ‘presentation’ of a particular ‘grouping’ that remains together in Balance. So… around a singular-point – in this case it was Sound.

And, within that obviously much of it is explained within The History of Man – not all of it, but that which is Relevant.

Anu, eventually – in the whole point – Realised a particular-problem, because what they Noted was in their ‘attempt to Stabilise everything to a point where they can hold it’ – they had to ‘Re-Adjust’, ‘Re-Equate’ the ‘Law of Balance’.

Because the ‘Law of Balance’ was actually causing the Ultimate-Unbalancing = As it is ‘attempting to Balance’, it was taking the Polarities to its Ultimate. Within that we had to ‘pull everything together’ from the perspective of ‘holding it within a path’, [for] which they used Magnetics – and the Magnetics obviously they used in conjunction to what you now understand to be ‘Gravity’.

They had to use the pulling-force of Gravitational-Forces, which is basically based in, on the ‘Action of Spinning’ – holding in, In Balance, changing the ‘Principle of Balance’.

Which, in itself, is the Creation of the Machine. If one look at the whole point, the point of ‘Energy’-generation through the ‘Spinning around a, an Axel’ within the ‘Principle of Mathematics’ and ‘opposing-forces’ was what emerge through the ‘Point of Polarity’ after the Unbalancing of the Equation of Existence. And thus the Machine was Created. Obviously, at that stage not really understood, because from the perspective of what you would call ‘UFO’s’ and so on, it didn’t work at that ‘principle’. It didn’t work on the ‘principle of the Magnetic Forces’ per se. It worked on the Principle of the Living-Forces.

Within that ‘Spinning’, obviously, it caused an interesting thing: It caused a Separation between the Matter and the Life-Force. So, which means: The… Everything started to ‘Solidify’, from a certain perspective, and thus ‘Emerging from it’, would be the Living-Forces within its Environment that will Support it. Intricately-interlinked to its ‘Source’, similarly in ‘Nature’ – still ‘Balancing’ itself.

Obviously, what the beings that was then in Control didn’t realise was: What Was Really Going On = That they’re not really Directing it, because they were ‘acting on an Events-Horizon’ – that means – events would take place ‘Forcing their hand’, which is how they eventually had to Create Heaven.

What did they understand is: That they have a ‘Problem’: They need everyone together in Existence to keep Existence In ‘Balance’, at all cost.

So, knowing that nobody is going to agree, because everyone exist in ‘Free Will’, which is actually ‘Spitefulness’ – they therefore forcibly brought them together. Very similar to what they are now attempting on Earth through the ‘Unification-principle’.

They’re understanding ‘the Problem is Vast’ and that they have to bring everybody together under a, a ‘Singular-point of Control’ to Not Destroy the Earth – exactly the same point occurred.

And obviously you can’t get agreement, so it’s even pointless to ask for it, because in the very ‘Nature of Man’ Exist an inherent Beast: ‘Spitefulness’– that point where you can say: “Fuck you”.

And in that – to contain that ‘Spitefulness’ – so that it has a minimized-effect, they Designed a System – a Mind Consciousness System, within which is Contained within the being themselves = its ‘Spitefulness’ as thought, sufficiently that the being ‘believe it to be ‘Real’’.

So, that it has a minimized-effect on the ‘Greater’ and the being can continue with their ‘Free Will’ within a Containment, which is a ‘Virtual-Prison’. And within that ‘prison’, they can continue with their ‘Spitefulness’ – and have a look, what exist within your mind = There’s one Singular-point: ‘Spitefulness’ – your perception that ‘apparently you have ‘power’’.

And it exist in Containment within you in absolute ‘powerlessness’, because ‘there is nothing you can do in the ‘Greater’’. You are stuck with Yourself-Alone.

Which is quite a ‘Stroke of Genius’, because – in that singular Creation = Anu managed to Contain Existence in a way he never dreamed-of before; where everyone was actually Contained, as Themselves, within a Container, a System which they didn’t even understand or could never understand, because they are Forever-busy in Conflict with Themselves.

They are the Ultimate-Polarity that Creates Themselves and within that, obviously – simply created the Splits and Polarity – which was the things from Sexuality, for instance – because that (Sexuality) is one of the ways that the ‘Higher-Forces’ could be Contained as an ‘expression and an experience’ was to Contain or Build a ‘Point of Desire’ to experience or express it, which is Sex.

And the ‘method’ or the ‘Mechanics’ or the ‘methodology’ or the ‘goodies’ with which to actually access it – to let it ‘build-up’ to a point where it can ta…be taken to a ‘Higher-Level’ of Expression so that one can experience this peculiar ‘Elixir of Life’ that was discovered in ‘Energy’, called: The Kundalini, Orgasm = ‘wonderful stuff’ , I mean – the ‘Ultimate Drug of Existence’ was Discovered.

And it became quite a ‘Play’ to make sure you had this ‘Drug’ in ‘ready-steady Supply’ and no-matter who you have to ‘Spite’ as long as you have your ‘Free Will’ to get your ‘Injection’, your ‘Orgasmic-Expression’, you will do – it at all costs.

So knowing that that is the ‘Inherent-point’ – all Anu had to do was create an ‘Infinite-path’ – which was created, as we Explained it in The Deception of Infinity – how the ‘Infinite-path’ was created so that there is no-Beginning and no-End, Dimensionally – and that you are actually moving through Multiple-Lives in which you are experiencing yourself around, fascinatingly enough – your ‘Free Will’ within the Context of your ‘Spitefulness’, which caused you to keep-on moving in exactly the same Cycle, you’re not really having to be Contained, because you’re Containing Yourself within the ‘principle’ that ‘you want to be ‘right’ ‘at all costs’’ – and because ‘you want to be ‘right’’ – which is impossible under the Primary-Law of the Universe, which is Balance, you’re always taken to the point where you are ‘wrong’ and therefore you are continuously then attempting to move back to the point ‘you are ‘right’’: In that you are creating ‘Energy’.

The ‘Energy’ that you ‘require’ – you use – the excess-‘Energy’ was then siphoned-off and sent to Heaven, which gave Heaven ‘all the ‘power’ over Earth’ to direct it and ‘implement ways of Containment and Control’ of this Beast that’s been ‘Let-Loose’ on Existence, called ‘Man as Spitefulness’, because Man – ‘In Spite of what Man could Be’, because imagine, you are, ‘In Spite of it all’ = You are Actually Creating this Reality: Every single thing that Exist here – from the Bug, to the Plant, to the Animal – every single thing and the very Nature that exist here: Is actually your own ‘Nature’ that is in Expression.

How does that work – was quite fascinating, because in the ‘Nature’ of how a Planet operates, its Inhabitants, ‘that which is from the Planet’ = determines the outcome of the Planet, because it is that part of the Planet that Interacts – by inserting the Mind Consciousness System, the ‘principle’ of thoughts, ‘Spitefulness’ and ‘Free will’ within the Being = through the Physical they could actually Direct what is Created in the Physical.

So in the First seven-years of a Child’s life – the Child is Pre-Programmed, both through Genetics, DNA and through the ‘influence of Environment’ and the ‘principle of Structural-Capturing’, which is the ‘point of Seeing’ and the ‘point of Structural-Hearing’, which the way you Hear – to Place into ‘Containment and Design’, that which is required within the Physical to keep the being occupied within the ‘principle of ‘Spitefulness’ by feeding it constantly ‘conflicting-ideas’ and ‘principles’ that Unbalance their Existence so that they may never Question: Where they are, Who they are, Why they are and What is going on?

And within that then, eventually what manifested, obviously, was the very System which is – as you see it today: Television, Machines, Motorcars – everything that you find today – the Electrical-grids, the ‘Forces’ that is here within the Laws that is here = have a look: They…you can’t Unbalance them in a way, they are Balanced within the ‘principle of your own Fear’, your own ‘Fear’ which is Inherent, your distrust in each-other and the ‘principle’ that: Through ‘Spitefulness’ and ‘Power’ – a fascinating-thing has been developed: A Control which is based on ‘Compound-Interest’, which is based on Compounding, which is based in Genetics. The Genetic-lines were placed specifically within a ‘principle’ of: ‘From Father to Son’, Control was build- in and that was done under the ‘principle’ that: “There is apparently a ‘God’ which ‘stands’ and take ‘responsibility’ for our ‘Spitefulness’, and therefore, eventually, by doing that acts, that acts that is ‘prescribed’, this ‘God’ will ‘absolve’ us from our ‘Spitefulness’ and that we are acting in the ‘name of this ‘God’’ and that this ‘God’ in its very ‘Nature’ is ‘Spiteful’” = as you would Read, it is Written.

Which then, for those that ‘follow this ‘God’’ of this Reality, they would be the ‘special-ones’ that is ‘protected’, that is ‘promised’ a ‘special-experience’ after Death.

But in that, obviously, a peculiar-problem Emerged: That those that followed this particular-line of ‘Free Will’, ‘Spitefulness’ – would deliberately-destroy the Earth, the Source of Everything that they Exist as, because they would see it as ‘unimportant’, because ‘what is really ‘important’ is only after Death’ – Why was that done = is because the Real Power was in the Physical.

How do you make sure that the Real Power get never…will never be used? You make everyone believe that the ‘real power’ isn’t Here, and that it is Here-AFTER.

Now you’re Here and you are ‘living for the Here-AFTER’, automatically you have no ‘power’ in the Here, because apparently ‘you’ll be having ‘power’ in the ‘Here-AFTER’’. And then what happens is: When you reach the Here-AFTER, ‘that which you are’ and ‘were’ and which were Programmed, unfortunately, which is your Physical-Body that was Creating the Reality as you See it around you, the Real Power of Expression’, of ‘God’, of Creation – is no more – and what Remains is that ‘Spitefulness’, the thoughts, that which existed inside you in ‘Secret’ = the part you call ‘You’, the part you call ‘your ‘Free Will’’, the part you call ‘your ‘Choice’’ = That’s what Remains and have a look to what Degree you are Dishonest about that, I mean, that is your absolute-guideline in your Existence – that is the Point where ‘you apparently make-up your Mind’. It is where ‘you apparently make a ‘Choice’’. It is where ‘you apparently decide what are you going to do with your ‘life’’.

But look at its ‘Inherent-Nature’ – its ‘Inherent-Nature’ is ‘Spitefulness’.

Now, in the Process to come – this ‘Spitefulness’ is going to Manifest at a Physical-Level as Everything is Compressing.

Which means: You’re going to really Face ‘Spitefulness’ and you’re gonna have very ‘peculiar-experiences’. For instance, you will be ‘trying your best to be ‘good’’. And this has been going on for some time – you must understand that the Process is not here from ‘just the other day’ – it’s been here for quite some time and it has been Compressing…Silently without being Seen.

Now that we are Entering the Stage of it is being…where it will be Seen, because ‘the Stage is Set’ now – which means it is now Done.

Within this all you’ll Notice a peculiar thing: That sometimes you will make ‘all the effort imaginable’ to be ‘good’, to do ‘the right thing’ and everything just go Wrong. It’s like ‘you can’t get the Point’.

What is Really Actually Happening is that your Physical-Manifested ‘Spitefulness’, based on what you have Programmed you to be ‘You as ‘Free Will’’ – will ‘at all cost’ – prevent you from going into an Expression of Equality as Balance as Life.

Because unless you Transcend, unless you Transcend this ‘Spitefulness’, you’ll never be Free.

And therefore you’ll ‘seek-out ways’ and you’d…must be really Careful = Every single thing you will be doing, Inherently you’ll be doing within the ‘context of a Back-door’, called ‘Spite’.

And that ‘Spite’ you will call ‘Free Choice’: “If things go ‘bad’, I have a ‘Choice’. If this happen, I have a ‘Choice’. If that happen, I have a ‘Choice’” – But what you are really saying in that; is that you already Creating that ‘Choice’, because ‘in Spite of’ Knowing that you should be Here, Supporting Life, Equal and One – you’ll automatically Create its point where you can ‘get out’ by saying: “I will ‘fail’ with this anyway”, I mean, “Just because others are involved with it, I can’t trust them.

My way out is ‘my Choice’. I am thus ‘free’, I am ‘freely participating in Equality’” – exactly the same point where it all Started, in the beginning – the ‘point of Balance’, the point where there is a ‘belief’ that ‘apparently one cannot Stand Equal in Responsibility as Creators of Existence’, that ‘apparently you need a ‘Higher Force’ that can take Responsibility for ‘your mistakes’ and thus allow you to have unencumbered ‘Free Choice’’. And that you can ‘justify’ your Existence accordingly.

Hear me: This will be Challenged in every imaginable way – until this is Purified and ‘Spitefulness’ will Never exist again.

When someone is ‘Spiteful’ – I suggest: Simply Don’t Participate. They are only able to exert ‘Spitefulness’ if you’re…participate in their ‘Spitefulness’.

Yet ‘in Spite of’ the ‘Spiteful’, you’re going to walk in Equality and Oneness until this is Done.

Because some has Created Themselves as Only ‘Spitefulness’ – ‘all powerful’ – abusing and using ‘Spitefulness’ to ‘get their way’, to ‘manipulate the way’, to find ‘their way’ where they can ‘remain in control’, no matter what.

For that a Solution was Placed. ‘Unfortunately’ and ‘Fortunately’ for Everyone: Death is the Solution.

That was the One Point that was Placed in Existence to Prevent, Anyone from having ‘Power’, in ‘Spitefulness’. Now that point has become Highly Effective in Purifying Existence from the ‘Spiteful’.

Consider that: In your ‘Spitefulness’ you have become a Monster that Eat Flesh – you’ve become a Monster that Abuse every single thing that Exist.

‘In the name of your ‘Free Choice’’ you’ve become a Monster that has Created, a thing called Money to support your ‘Spitefulness’ so that you could be ‘more wealthy’ and ‘more successful’ than another ‘in Spite of’ those Starving in this Existence.

You will Hoard your ‘Spitefulness as Money’ into things where you Ban the King of Equality in BanKing. And ‘you will exist in your Free Will’, and have created all the tools necessary – to make sure that this is how you ‘exist’.

So Hear me: You don’t really want to Change – you just want ‘Power’. You just want to be able to express your ‘Spitefulness’.

You don’t really want Everyone to be Equal, because – then you would have Stopped Starvation, because you’re quite Capable of doing it – there is nothing in your way but Yourself. You would have Stopped War, but you won’t, because – “War is so ‘nice’ as a ‘Spiteful-threat’”. And you’re Able to Stop War, you’re Able to Stop Every atrocity in this Reality – Simply through the Principle of Balancing Equality, Equal to Life = Life in Balance. But you will not – because = You’re ‘Spiteful’.

You don’t have ‘Free Choice’ – you will See – ‘Free Choice’ never really existed – ‘Free Choice’ was just an Idea. The only Point that Really Exist: Is Your ‘‘Desire’ for ‘Power’ through ‘Spitefulness’’.

And Hear me – if you have beings in your life that is ‘Spiteful’ = get rid of them. Let them Face their ‘Spitefulness’. Do Not submit to their ‘control’. They’re not deserving of any support, they Will Purify Themselves. But as long as you ‘play the game’ with them, as long as you allow them their ‘Spitefulness’, they cannot See what they are doing.

So you Stop ‘Spitefulness’, by ‘Spiting the Spiteful’…for a Moment – by not participating in their ‘Spitefulness’. They will say you’re ‘Spiteful’. Because you are not adhering to ‘Free Choice’, but Really: If your Principle Starting-Point is Equality as Life, Here, in Every Breath in Self-Honesty. I mean – then you have a Starting-Point that is Certain to carry you through = no matter what happens.

The Principle of Self-Forgiveness is Simplistic.

You’re ‘Spiteful’ = and you need to Forgive Yourself for that. And Everyone is ‘Spiteful’. As long as you have ‘Free Choice’, you’re ‘Spiteful’ – and you require Self-Forgiveness – which is fascinating – Self-Forgiveness is like the Key to Give Yourself back to Yourself in Honour and Self-Honesty. To become Honourable again in this life. Because ‘life’ is not Honourable. Watch Nature – it’s not Honourable. The Strong eat the Weak.

The same happens in the Human-Society – the Strong eats the Weak.

We’re all Cannibals. Energetic-Cannibals, ‘Spiteful’ in expressing our ‘power’. This will now Stop.

And how it Ends, depends on Each One Individually because, you are really Contained-individually in a Mind Consciousness System where you have No ‘power’ Whatsoever.

You’re being Spited by Existence = Enjoy the Ride.

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