Introducing myself

How I got to Desteni

Hi my name is Sylvie, 44 of age and I grew up in a village in between the farmlands in the south, currently living in a village in the middle / rural of the Netherlands where
they have three christian religions lol. I’ll share some of my experiences here
with you. In the ’90s I did some university Law and Logistics Organization College ‘on the record’. Backed out of Law soon because I could not agree to for example the definition of ‘debt’ in criminal law practice. I hung around with all kinds of people (elitists to street junkies:), curious at what everyone was up to. I liked reading and seeing self into a whole range of separated fields – so-to-speak, cause I had found out in elementary school that there was much censoring going on. Worked / working retail / service jobs except from 1996-2010 I’ve been ‘out of the system’ with a lot of consequence…

From about 2008 I was doing more and more researches on the ‘contents’ of mind, body and soul – especially wanted to read somewhere about projections and thoughts and feelings being perceptions as I picked upon in high school – how and why this
persistence in thoughts and feelings as I became to realise people take them for real or define it as life / truth, but I couldn’t explain myself they are not real – till one day a year and a half ago I was typing in the word mind into the search engine and so got to
Desteni. I don’t know the exact date when I got to Desteni – it was more of a gradual process. When I read the words EQUALITY AND ONENESS in the upper left hand corner on the site I quite immediately knew this may be ‘it’! “We don’t cover our eyes from the dark and the ugly”. Something had told me it wasn’t coming from the west, nor
the east nor it would come from the north, so it had to come from the south. No surprise there that Desteni is being stationed in South-Africa. Furthermore there had been anouncements about heaven’s portal to ‘split open’ and man’s secrets coming out – so for me the existence of the interdimensional portal was of a direct understanding as quantum physical and listened to and enjoyed many portal videos – going to friends with them and have them listen.
Stopped reading other scriptures and went through a lot of articles in english and dutch – reading the hell out of myself. So on the ‘perspective’ of thoughts, feelings and emotions – aah finally. They are of the mind, not of the soul! That made sense. When I was about 15 I could not accept for example the statement of René Descartes I
think therefor I exist” 
and said so in class but got all their systems at me in stead; to read the transcript of his correction on this statement on the Desteni websitemade all the sense to me – to put it lightly. Pff my mind could deflate through self forgiveness which I started immediately – seeing the allowences and acceptances. Self honesty what a living words. Writing out many things on paper I did already most of my life, but have much to work on that so it flows. In four months most of the worst pains / physical mind fears I had able to release through reading, applying self forgiveness and self corrective actions. Proof in the physical.
That there were three layers [of the mind] was not new to me. The existence of Anu and his friends and the White Light were a huge eye-opener to me as I was into Jesus’ words from when I was a child and still nothing changed really sin ce – worsening even. In Desteni I Process Lesson 1 this month I read what the original sin was / is –
spitefulness. Also finally having proof by Desteni that sex is empty. Joohoo.

Years before, it had not escaped me that ‘I/ we were inverted’ / ‘had to repent’ for moving away / apart from self as eachother as I shared with a female friend I was doing
inner / outer research with – in integrity we dared to open up and unveal / discover self. Unfuck ourselves. I stop being the stand back kind of type and stand up and take responsibility for all points to see and change.

Why I stand with and for Equal-Money and World-Equality

Kind of funny is that it got through me as I told it to some others two decades ago
that everything will be different in forty years time, that there will be another money system in which we do not have to fear anymore. Out of my mind? To not stand with and for an Equal Money System would be sheer self deceit, so to me to stand with and for an Equal Money System is pure common sense which is what’s best for all.

In dutch there was this expression “when you are born as a dime, you can never be a
quarter”- this is stating and allowing ourselves a way of limitation due to the sum of money one’s family has. From thereon the current system would be keeping on reigning in blood as to where one is born determines immediately where you end. This has to stop so that all other allowed limitations can be solved over generations and
to not walk into the same shit we created over and over again.

What I understand to be Heaven on Earth

Heaven, paradise, garden of eden re-instated on Earth, where polarity conflict no
longer ribs apart humanity / universe and we can live as equals as Life here Free of Fear is to realise that Earth is that very place – not the fuck into heaven as the head – and that we have to do that ourselves is getting our asses together to do this for eachother as love is to love your neighbour as yourself – equal in matter. Our
citizenship as equal and one is here – Life is here is bring ourselves here!

Some of the videos that have really stood out to me:

  • Desteni farm videos – (shave hair) videos of participants
  • Esteni’s videos on astma
  • Andrea’s videos
  • SELF HONESTY is the key
  • UNCONSCIOUS Mind is the ONENESS of Human Nature
  • 79 Sex and Spirituality — The Divine Orgasmic Spirituality
  • 80 Sexual Rebirth and the Divine Man
  • FREEDOM HERE –  Only the Physical is REAL – Reptilian ENLIL 5
  • 1 – The Secret of Atlantis — Where is Atlantis?
  • 15 Atlanteans KNEW Annunaki will never succeed in Ruling
  • Creation and Design of Human Form by Annunaki and Atlanteans
  • 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012
  • Annunaki, Serpents and Sirians Planned to be GODS on Earth
    before Dinosaurs Era
  • HoM 36 – Creations of Demons: Desteni

Research at —

Join for discovering yourself

3 thoughts on “Introducing myself

    • I don’t know yet. I have also created blogspot – I have to manage where to put what and where in english and where in dutch. Within a month’s time
      I want to sort out ‘this mess’ and get my main blog / process blog clear in order to know where I put my daily realisations.

      • lol take it easy Sylvie 🙂 It doesn’t matter where you put what – you can switch whenever you want to. For me it was a kind of process to find a place to write and now I’m ‘settled’ on my main blog – but I have several others too.

        Though plz let me know when and if you switch to another blog than the 2 you have now – so I can keep up with your writings 🙂

        Grant yourself the favour of being in process – be here where you are, breaaaaath

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