At the End of the World — LIFE will be born from the Physical – Nostradamus 5

At the End of the World — LIFE will be born from the Physical – Nostradamus
And I am continuing the conversation of the process that is currently manifesting Here on Earth. That is already Here on Earth.
Human Beings realize this: that we as you will take all the necessary steps and do whatever it takes to have you realise Who you Are.
Lets take it from this Perspective: If you were the only one that knew the truth, the actuality and the realization of Who you Are as Equal and One with who each and every single human being is.
You know who each and every single Human Being is. You know each and every single dimensional being is. You know who and what each and every single expression in existence is, as One and Equal with you.
To what extent would you have gone, to what extend would you go to have each one realise Who they Are To the Absolute Extent. Same as what were doing in the Dimensions.
But first, we have to Stop, we have to Stop the Manifested creation of what we have accepted and allowed for eons of time. Because the Old must go for the New to step forth.
The Old, would be all that you have ever known, would be all that you have ever trusted, all that you have ever loved, all that you have ever placed worth in, all that you have ever placed value in, all relationships that bind you, all relationships that define you, all relationships that tie you = must be given up. Must be let go of. And must be released.
Because it is such relationships that are forever binding you, tying you and constraining you to the limitation of that which has been accepted and allowed in this World as Human Beings which have manifested the current atrocity we call Life, we call this World.
And Human Beings, it is very simple. You have to stand alone. All, One, Alone. Each and every Single one is actually alone in this Process. Are Human Beings bodies conjoined to-together? No. I am Alone. I am Al-One. And so it is, and so it will be, and it is Done.
And Human Beings, Fear of Loss will manifest, is manifesting. You will lose, that which you fear losing Youve been existing in Fear of Loss for too long, youve been living in Fear of Survival for too long.
So anything and all, that define you, that youve placed value in or worth in that is separate from yourself that have created and designed the strings of relationships that Limit you, that Bind you and that Tie you is your part to let go of.
All that, All such relationships. You must be Free within yourself. You must not be caged by anyone. You must not be bound by anyone or anything and you must not be tied to anyone or anything.

And if you still dont want to hear Human Beings, if you still dont want to give up that which is required to be given up, for you to realise yourself, if you dont want to release yourself from the relationships that bind and tie you and limit you to your miniscule existence Hear this Human Beings: Those that you Love will start dropping around you like flies, many will die. But many will die for reason, for a purpose. And that purpose is for certain Human Beings in this World who are to remain here and walk this process of Oneness and Equality to realise themselves. Because those that leave and have decided to go and remove themselves, their choices already made, will be more effective in Heaven.

If this is not understood now, it will be understood at Death.

You have the Physical Death that will take place, with many Human Beings and then you have the Actual Death while youre still Here on this Earth Plane, the Death of Yourself as Consciousness and the Birth of Yourself as Life. Where Life will be born from the Physical.


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