Views on Education

As an answer to  Monroe Bridge: A Reformed Dialogue
on Truth, Culture, and Education

Views of Education: “What is education? What is educational reform? Where do we start with the reform? Christian, private and public all look long and hard at education with the same lens and question: how do we improve it?”

Communication in oneness and equality – education in oneness and equality.
Points to equalize towards and in the equal money system – :

  • “Education” must change into self re-education with the Desteni material and the equality equation all are equal and one Here in the Physical
  • “Reform” must change into deprogramming the mind through the Desteni tools of self forgiveness, self honesty, self correction, breathing, writing to self to freedom and self perfection.
  • “Christian, private and public” must all change themselves into living Self foregiveness and Self honesty equal and one as all Here in the Physical
  • “Look long and hard (lens)” must change into realising Self and change Self in equality and oneness and to stand up in the education system as Self honesty. Systems lie, separate and limit children (as everyone).
  • “Teacher Quality” must change self into Teacher Equality
  • “The most effective education begins and ends” through Self honesty as the alpha and omega of Self.
  • “The value of a superior teacher” must change into the Principles of Equality and Oneness (see Desteni: all written out)
  • “The best teachers value their students as individuals” must change into seeing and realising students as equal and one
  • “A child’s capacity to dream and achieve those dreams” must change into stop dreaming / sleeping / thinking / making up a future and realise themselves through Self forgiveness and self honesty as equal and one as all
  • “The best teachers also believe that each and every child can learn” must change into stop beLIEving and (l)EARning lies for a living = self-interest – Equal Money will be here
    “Christian values” must change in realising the ‘christ I am’ principles of equality and oneness as All Life Here is Equal and One (they have to realise that is what Jesus himself stood for).

That’s what Desteni is here for – to get it done once and for all!                                        

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